Thy Round Come – TANTZATOR for Darkmoor RPG!

Hi there! My name is Daniele Fusetto and I’m an italian wannabe writer and game designer. If you’re not from Italy… I think this is the first time you’re visiting me! 😎 
Well, WELCOME ABOARD! This is my blog, of course, in which I share thoughts and tiny contents I wrote and used in a LOT of rpgs! Unfortunatelly, 99% of them are in italian, but this one is in english. Why? BECAUSE THE RPG FOR WHICH I WROTE IT IS NOW ON KICKSTARTER! 🙂

From their Kickstarter Page: 

Darkmoor is a game set in a self-deprecating fantasy universe, full of action and magic, where anything is possible! Giant apes and huge, colourful pandas train in the art of kung fu in remote monasteries in preparation for the Steel Fists Tournament. Huge robot toys chase one another through different parallel dimensions waging an automated miniatures war. Coins, jewelry and all kind of possible treasures pop out of the monsters you just killed in dungeons created by crazy robot butlers!

Are you familiar with the common definition for “game setting”? Well it won’t be of any use here. This isn’t about a long list of names and dates, historical and geographical details and any other tool meant to build boundaries. Darkmoor is more of a fluid setting: it modifies its shape, adapting to its container, but the essence ramains the same. You will take its key elements and use them as you see fit for your own ideas.

Darkmoor has been inspired by Moof Games products such as Blackmoor and Maximus. They both play like great old-style Arcade Games with exciting gameplay and colorful graphics. Beat’em-up games lovers will instantly fall in love with Blackmoor and Maximus too for sure.

Click on the image above to visit the Darkmoor RPG Kickstarter Page. You can also click on the hamburger icon on the top-left corner of the blog to access the menu, in which you’ll find the Kickstart Widget to track the crowdfunding campaign!

The image above was created with thanks to Statblock5e (you can find it on GitHub), with some personal adjustment. I personally thanks the author of that form!


Di SpiritoGiovane

Daniele, a.k.a. Spirito Giovane, aspirante game designer e scrittore. Ha una tonnellata di altri interessi, come romanzi di genere, cinematografia, serialità televisiva, fumetti e fotografia di panorami (e troppo poco tempo per curarli tutti quanti). Nel 2014 ha fondato Storie di Ruolo per condividere i suoi sbagliati pensieri sui giochi di ruolo e sulla teoria dei gdr. Col tempo il blog si è ampliato, includendo anche interviste a eminenze dell'ambito gdr e news variegate.


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